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In the beginning

The funny thing about parenting is….

In the beginning there were just two. Two people who fell in love and all the while, finished school, finished college/uni, travelled the world, went to the cinema and lay in bed all weekend because those two could. Those two people did not think twice about staying up until 1am on a work night. Those two people did not think twice about popping out to the pub at 11pm at night. Those two people could sometimes just book a last minute holiday to somewhere in the world and not worry about the cash for it. Those two people didn’t think twice about wasting precious days off being hungover. Those two people had seen the world. He’d put a ring on it. They had an amazing day with all their family and friends. Those two people booked a last minute honeymoon (as that’s what those two people used to do). Those two people then moved countries (again). Those two people had previously lived over the other side of the world you see. Those two people repeated all of the above for a few more years.


Those two people made a decision!

They made¬†decision to become three (or four in some cases). Those two thought long and hard about becoming three(or four). Those two didn’t really realise how much their lives would change to be honest. Those two people would never change the decision to become three. EVER.

Those two people are now three people. So now the THREE people all have their own priorities and they generally gel pretty well. For the most part. Those three get up early every weekend. Those three venture off to the shopping centre together. Those three enjoy going to the park together. Those three, although it can be difficult at times, love going out for meals and sampling all the new restaurants that have opened up in Dublin over the last few years (Fade Street Social, so those three told me, is very toddler friendly!). Those three people plan on staying as three people for a little while longer as they still have so much to learn, see and do.

Who’s to say this is all completely factual right?!