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Busy busy busy! 

The funny thing about parenting is … That you just need to stop! 

I’ve somewhat taken a step back from social media. No more popping pictures up every day. We have been getting out for walks, enjoying the ever so slightly warmer and damp weather! Eating out. Staying up slightly later than usual😬 

We are going on holidays shortly for so much needed sunshine. We are trying Air bnb for the first time as well! And we are all extremely excited. Paige can’t wait to get away and go on a plane. For most of our journeys lately it’s always been by car or ferry. This time we shall be enjoying going on an airplane to the sun!!! ☀️

We will also be trying to potty train when we are away. I’ll let you know when I get back whether it was a downright stupid idea or an amazing one. Right now I’m in the middle. But the villa has everything and it will be the perfect excuse to stay in a house with a pool and everything we could need and not leave! 

It’s Sunday today, so get out and enjoy it with your family! X