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Hallowe’en is coming!

The funny thing about parenting is … that we totally get excited about Hallowe’en and that ‘C’ word which we won’t mention just yet!

I spent an insane amount on decorations the other day – as we all know – we have to decorate the house for the child’s sake. It’s all for the child. I swear.

I’ve spoken to a heap of parents and they all have their kids costumes sorted. I potentialy do. I might (shock, horror for me) actually re-use one costume from last year. I may also re-use her fairy costume which I made from all different bits and bobs, but, I may buy this:


This amazing creation can be picked up from and is a wonderful piece by Rock Your Baby/Kid (edit as appropriate depending on age!).

It’s a dress which can be worn daily, as well as for Hallowe’en and I think that’s what is key for Hallowe’en. The reason that I can re-use some bits and bobs from last year is because they weren’t actual hallowe’en outfit, but skirts, tops, tights and so on all with a Hallowe’en theme. You can really save a few bob quite easily.

If I purchase the above gorgeousness, I shall be pairing it with some Doc Martin’s and some cute tights, and I can easily pick up a cute little hat/accessory from H&M and voila-a re-usable outfit full of everyday pieces.

But the thing to remember is that: everyday is for dressing up, not just Hallowe’en.


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Fable Heart – An Editorial

Source: Fable Heart – An Editorial

Mutiny Kids and Fable Heart have teamed up to give everyone the amazing opportunity to win a truly gorgeous rose gold crown!

Here at The Funny Thing About Parenting we can testify that these crowns will last and are extremely well made.

Paige has a gorgeous Sorbet coloured one and it’s something we take out for dress up or to go with a dress. It instantly transports Paige to that Princess Paige as she is now known as at nursery.

Head on over and give them a like in Facebook, Instagram and have a read of the blog. And while you’re at it, give us a like on all the above too! We are toddling_along on insta!