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In the beginning

The funny thing about parenting is….

In the beginning there were just two. Two people who fell in love and all the while, finished school, finished college/uni, travelled the world, went to the cinema and lay in bed all weekend because those two could. Those two people did not think twice about staying up until 1am on a work night. Those two people did not think twice about popping out to the pub at 11pm at night. Those two people could sometimes just book a last minute holiday to somewhere in the world and not worry about the cash for it. Those two people didn’t think twice about wasting precious days off being hungover. Those two people had seen the world. He’d put a ring on it. They had an amazing day with all their family and friends. Those two people booked a last minute honeymoon (as that’s what those two people used to do). Those two people then moved countries (again). Those two people had previously lived over the other side of the world you see. Those two people repeated all of the above for a few more years.


Those two people made a decision!

They made decision to become three (or four in some cases). Those two thought long and hard about becoming three(or four). Those two didn’t really realise how much their lives would change to be honest. Those two people would never change the decision to become three. EVER.

Those two people are now three people. So now the THREE people all have their own priorities and they generally gel pretty well. For the most part. Those three get up early every weekend. Those three venture off to the shopping centre together. Those three enjoy going to the park together. Those three, although it can be difficult at times, love going out for meals and sampling all the new restaurants that have opened up in Dublin over the last few years (Fade Street Social, so those three told me, is very toddler friendly!). Those three people plan on staying as three people for a little while longer as they still have so much to learn, see and do.

Who’s to say this is all completely factual right?!

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Nights out – sorry WHAT?!

The funny thing about parenting is…

That since we moved home from London, we’ve actually had less nights out than over in the big smoke! Believe it or not, even with grandparents around, I think we’ve gone out 3 times together alone in about 6 months.

In London, we went out at least once a month, if not twice(sometimes 3).

I blame not having restaurants on our doorstep at the minute and Paige being at that difficult stage where she only wants ‘daddy’. Even if we leave the room for 2 minutes, the screaming starts, so I just don’t have the heart to leave her at the minute. There’s also the issue of routine, and at the minute, our routine is essential otherwise we have a cranky, demon inspired toddler who is not afraid to bite, slap and run amok. Sometimes we are the only ones who can put her to sleep. And then we’re wayyyy too tired to head out – especially after the mammoth screaming and jumping on the bed sessions which just generally result in frustrated parents screaming at each other.

BUT, parents do need some time out together alone. They need some time to sit down and actually enjoy a meal and have a private conversation, without the little toddler screaming beside them.

It still baffles me that we get out less over here, considering we have the grandparents, and aunts and uncles (in London, we only had her uncle). I miss eating nice food out(all-you-can-eat sushi, pizza from a proper Italian, and the chicken from another Italian!), I miss popping for a quick, quiet glass of wine. I miss that even if all we did was talk about the little one and how we should’ve brought her with us.

We have both agreed that we do need to get out for dinner soon, together, alone. But as of yet, we have no concrete plans. I’ll let you know if we do. But don’t count on it.

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Every little girl needs…..

The funny thing about parenting is…

That every little girl needs this dress in their life and her parents know it. Imagine the twirling capabilities.

Right now, what with saving for a house and all (not to mention Christmas) I cannot actually afford this for the little madam.

Kids xxmas

Leo Dress/Silver –

This is available to buy from the AMAZING  and the store is based here in Dublin, Ireland! I have yet to take a trip over (and I feel so bad about that) -weekends are always busy at the minute! If I do manage to get over this side of Christmas, I’m sure I’ll be wearing a black sack on Christmas day.

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Sometimes toddlers just need to remove themselves from the situation

The funny thing about parenting is …..

Sometimes toddlers just need to give themselves a time-out. This actually happened in our house last night and #ToddlerPaige would not be consoled.

Yes I was awful for taking the whole big bag of Haribo from her and prepare a smaller bag for her mind you!

But out she went to the stairs and sat there crying her little heart out and telling us to leave.

We eventually got her to calm down but….the terrible two’s have started. And no one tells you they can start when they’re still only 1.

We may have had a giggle at her tantrum and once she calmed down, she loved running through the house like a lunatic. We generally distract her and give her something else to play with or something to snack on-so the step was a new one for us!image

Enjoy the tantrums everyone. Let their personalities shine through! Make sure you have a large cold glass of whatever you enjoy to help you through🍻🍼🍷

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Clothes, clothes and more clothes

The funny thing about parenting is….

No-one tells you that you’ll no longer care what you’re wearing.

All that matters is that your little person is dressed in something clean and that suits their personality.

I may be wrong to allow a 20 month old to dictate what she wears at times, but I figure, she has all week to wear her comfy stuff to nursery so if she wants to wear her big tutu, so be it (even if it’s really heavy and quite wide!).

I want her to express herself in every way she can. I don’t want to force the colour pink on her. I want her to wear every colour that she can, although not all at once.

#ToddlerPaige can pull off black – she rocks a black polo neck.

#ToddlerPaige can pull off blue – she’s blond and blue-eyed.

#ToddlerPaige can pull off pink – but not the hot-pink!

#toddlerPaige rocks leopard print!

We shop in the boys and girls section. I don’t mind if she wears something that is technically classed as a ‘boys!’ Just the other day I picked up a batman t-shirt from H&M that was only £3 and in the boys section. She’s also got a superman hat and loads of leggings that are technically from the boys section of Zara.

Her wardrobe is pretty endless and this year I did have to stop myself purchasing the boys santa outfit from Penney’s/Primark. She had it last year alright, but as she’s getting a little older she needs outfits that do t have feet on them. But there is so much choice out there for children of all ages.

we love to check out to keep up to date with all things fashion and to help bankrupt us.😂  Oh Baby London also manages to take a chunk of my dosh with all their amazing leopard prints dresses, all in ones and cardis! As well as their signature ‘9 months’ outfits. We’ve also just purchased a crown from Fable Heart which will look amazing at Christmas and my little angel/fairy can dance around the trees! The list is endless…..we can’t forget about PopUpShop though as their swimsuits and onesies are AMAZING!

We love to mix it up everyday! We do fake fur, we do fluff, we do sparkles and we do jumpsuits!

I really enjoy seeing Paige twirling in a new skirt or saying ‘oooh’ to a new pair of jeans….I love how it expresses her personality.

For the month of December we are going to be trying out an outfit-a-day for the advent period as well as a few other things!

If you fancy keeping up to date with us, go over to instagram and check out: @toddling_along – we will be trying to update  the blog as much as possible as well!

Meanwhile, mummy and daddy are walking around in absolute tatters-but we don’t care!

Byebye for now!

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The Funny Thing About Parenting is….

That everyone has their own style of parenting.

Everyone of us does our own thing with our children.

Some of us have routines, others don’t.

Some breastfeed, others don’t.

Some parents allow their children chocolate, others don’t.

Some parents get sleep, others don’t.

We all do things differently, and a lot of the time, we do them the exact same way. We are all working towards one common goal of raising our children to be the best possible versions of themselves. We are here to guide them.

Now I’ll get on with sharing some of our daily life with you all, including talking about a child who put herself on the naughty step (even though we don’t use a naughty step!).