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Sometimes toddlers just need to remove themselves from the situation

The funny thing about parenting is …..

Sometimes toddlers just need to give themselves a time-out. This actually happened in our house last night and #ToddlerPaige would not be consoled.

Yes I was awful for taking the whole big bag of Haribo from her and prepare a smaller bag for her mind you!

But out she went to the stairs and sat there crying her little heart out and telling us to leave.

We eventually got her to calm down but….the terrible two’s have started. And no one tells you they can start when they’re still only 1.

We may have had a giggle at her tantrum and once she calmed down, she loved running through the house like a lunatic. We generally distract her and give her something else to play with or something to snack on-so the step was a new one for us!image

Enjoy the tantrums everyone. Let their personalities shine through! Make sure you have a large cold glass of whatever you enjoy to help you through🍻🍼🍷