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Be prepared to be pooped, peed and spat on

The funny thing about parenting is… that you get spit at quite often.

We’ve all been pooped and peed on, puked on and spat on right?

The little one ended up in A&E a few weeks ago, the first trip wasn’t too horrific except for the spectacularly long wait given we were classed as ‘not urgent’.

The next trip, 4 days later, with a very ill looking toddler who’d been up all night the nigth before screaming and couldn’t eat or swallow was still a long wait to be seen. Long enough for her to puke all over right as a nurse said “Is she okay, she looks like she might be about to throw up” and yeap, right on queue. All over me. All over my jeans. All over my top. And yeap, I had to sit there for a good 6 more hours in puke. I really stank. She was then admitted as her bloods were all over the place, and she wasn’t eating or drinking so was dehydrated.

The reason for our numerous visits to A&E are long and complicated and involved several GP visits, blood tests and a child who was not able to walk and screaming in agony with sore legs.

Alas, so hence our 2nd visit to A&E in 4 days after another GP visit. As a parent, you just know when something isn’t right with your child. It really is a parent’s instinct and luckily, our GP’s trusted that we weren’t over reacting.

The second trip to A&E saw them take more bloods, which actually showed something was wrong – the first set of bloods exactly a week before had showed inflammation and as per our GP’s orders, we traipsed back to the hospital and were sent home as she ‘seemed’ well.

The bloods on the second visit showed her white blood count was off, her inflammation levels were through the roof and a number of different issues….but none could be married.

So at about 6pm, we were given word she would have to be admitted. I hate seeing my little one so ill, and I hate seeing all the pain she had to go through for bloods and canullas. A drip was hooked up and promptly taken off when the registrar asked (demanded to see her walk) – keep in mind, she hadn’t eaten all day. Was extremely weak and lethargic and was extremely upset. We once again got the feeling that we were ‘those’ parents.

Upon admittance, we were given a room in isolation and had numerous visits from pretty much everyone – neurology, ortho and RCSI.

The Pediatrician was lovely. She assured me that we were not over-reacting. Something was wrong. They just don’t know what. She is still lovely, and she has since said to us she was extremely worried as Paige looked so, so ill.

We got taken out of isolation and put on the main ward and got to know all the other parents and nurses and babies. Paige was a little bundle of energy that as time went on began to feel much better and was singing to all the tiny 3&4 month olds.

Mummy and daddy were totally exhausted and drained. Thankfully, I had an angel in disguise who just happens to be the aunt of my brother’s boyfriend who works in the canteen and made sure I was fed each and every day.

On the Friday we met with more specialists – this time, Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases and Physio and we discovered she is hypermobile!

I finally got my shower on the Saturday morning after being puked on the previous Wednesday. Yes I stank. I wreaked.

But she got day release over the weekend so off we went to various places and had some fun.

Back we went on the Sunday night, ready for more bloods and a bone scan on the Monday and my god did she fight the sedation. It was rather cute to watch her wander round and chat with me really dazily. But she had been on a strict nil-by-mouth from 9am so it was heartbreaking to watch her as she was so hungry.

We finally got the all-clear to be released. There was nothing major showing up – it was all very odd.

It was very, very nice to get home to our own beds for all of us, and this brings me to the spitting.

I got a call on the Wednesday morning to say she needed penicillin. She tested positive for Group A Strep which we all carry, but it could potentially be Strep Throat. I was actually told it was Strep Throat but after meeting with the Dr on Monday, it isn’t.

Our prescription also got lost which was heaps of fun and we had to organise a new one, but with our own GP. We were told that this stuff is particularly vile. And she wasn’t wrong.

Paige has since spat it out, even in our faces whenever we’ve tried to give it to her. We’ve hidden it in everything. Yoghurts, nutella, juice. But nothing would work…well until we found the squashums yoghurts that come in fruit shaped pouches. They worked a treat-until we went to find more and we couldn’t. They’d sold out- so every other parent must have been aware of this truck to hide medicine in them but us.

But she was going back to nursery anyway the next day.

So now that she’s at nursery, she’ll happily take her medicine for them. Not a bother to her at all. She doesn’t spit in their faces. That’s reserved for us…yes child,   I only gave birth to you and you spit in my face. Cheers for that.

So our way round trying to administer her prescribed penicillin is to pawn it off on others. I’m not ashamed to admit that. At this stage, if it works, why fix it.

She’ll be back in 2 months for more blood tests, as her bloods haven’t gone back to normal and it was potentially a virus or strep. But either way, they can both take months to leave her system, or even a year! Hopefully, we’re on the road to recovery. But her fear of doctors is now real, and she’ll give them as good as she gets.

In essence, be prepared to be shit on, pissed on, spat on and not be able to complain. They’re your offspring and it’s the joys of parenting. Welcome to parenthood.


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The funny thing about parenting is…that when something like what happened in Nice happens, so many emotions come to the forefront. Those pictures, my god those pictures.

Hug them, squeeze them, tell them you love them, just look at them, stare away to your hearts content-even if they look at you funny. Take in every detail of their little faces. Promise to look after them forever. Promise to love them forever. Kiss them. Kiss them again. Hold their warm hands. Forget about all those things that frustrate you, even just for a few short minutes. For all those things that frustrate us, some parents, families, friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers will never get to experience that again. And even those frustrations we take for granted as it’s what makes everyone of us unique. But for some, they will never get to see the beautiful faces of those who were so cruelly taken away at such a joyous time, walk back in to the room to annoy them. They will not get to hold their warm hands again. They will not get to stare so intently at their features and get that look back that says ‘stop being weird’. Don’t take these moments for granted. They are and always will be in the back of your mind. Hug them, kiss them, love them, forever.

We are all human, we all have our own beliefs, and we are all entitled to them, but at the heart of it, we are all human. We have feelings. We hurt when others hurt. When laugh when others laugh. We are all human.

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Sometimes Being An Adult Takes Over

As parents, you want to enjoy every single moment that your child presents you with. Sometimes, we get enveloped in the adult things, that you take the smallest little milestone for granted.

Paige can now count to 10, and higher if needs be. But she so confidently counts out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. She so confidently says the A,B,C. She so confidently has started to identify colours. She so confidently chatters away, and has a full blown conversation with anyone who is so willing to listen. And to be fair, most people are. She’s not yet 2.

I think I take these things for granted. I think that as a parent, I have gotten so caught in finding us somewhere to live, somewhere we can call home, somewhere where Paige can have her own space, somewhere where we can take out all of her toys without hesitation as it’s our space. Our Family Home.

Hopefully, fingers and toes and everything else crossed, we have found our Family Home.

The next chapter in our little lives is about to change. I am fully aware that the upheaval, once again, will have to be done gradually. In the last 7 months, Paige has had some drastic changes to her life. Moving from London to Dublin was a shock for all of us again. I’m not going to lie. We as a family unit were used to our own space, just like my parents were. So we thank them for allowing us to move in and save for a house, something which we could never have done in London.

We are fully aware that Paige has decided she doesn’t want to sleep in her cot-bed. She rather sleeps in our bed – she even had a meltdown last night when I said it was Mammy and Daddy’s bed. So when we move, I think we’ll be turning her cot-bed into her big bed.  We know she will love your new room, and all of this upheaval will be worth it.

These little things, counting and speaking, are forming my little lady. The person who will grow to become someone amazing in everything she does, no matter what she chooses to do. I love to see her counting to 10. I love to see her feeding her dollies and changing their nappies. I love showing her pictures of what will hopefully be our new Family Home.

And once we get settled, those moments can become the centre of my world again – but I think, just for a few months, I can forgive myself for acknowledging that these things are happening, but I’m not walking around with trumpets. That my dear, we can do in our new Family Home. So I suppose, this little post is my noting that yes my little darling, you are truly amazing in our eyes, even if at times, we don’t always have the time to say it.