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Peppa and George are never far away

The funny thing about parenting is…that Peppa and George really are never far away.


Paige got two new dolls from her grandparents when they came home from holidays. They are two little cute things. But Paige has been walking around calling hem her ‘brother’ and ‘sister’. It really is great that we’ve got her off the idea of only wanting a ‘sister’. Just to clarify, I am not pregnant, Paige just really wants a ‘sister’!

I want to encourage her to start naming her dolls, as to be honest, I’m fed up calling every single one ‘baba’ and the frustration that causes when trying to ascertain which fricking ‘baba’.

Whilst chatting away on the bed last night, I suggested we name them. I rattled off a few names until I got to ‘George’. In my mind, this was a perfectly logical and sensible name that she can pronounce. She agreed. Hallelujah! Still nothing was twigging in my brain.

Since we so easily found a name for ‘George’ the boy doll, thought we’d tried our look at naming her ‘sister’. We thought Annabelle would be nice, or Belle. Daddy and I were really pushing Belle. Paige pops up with ‘Peppa’.

Still nothing twigs in me. I say ‘oh what a pretty name, where’d you think of that?’. Still nothing.

I’ll just go hang my head in shame now shall I?

So now we’re stuck with two dolls named ‘Peppa’ and ‘George’ and two goldfish named ‘Ben’ and ‘Holly’. I really only have myself to blame for my momentary lapse in parenting and forgetting all about the little characters who rescue us so many times.

How could I actually forget ‘Peppa’ and ‘George’?!

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A fashionable step too far

The funny thing about parenting is … that it’s okay to say that it’s not okay.

Tonight, myself, Paige and the hubby went out for a bite to eat and on the way I stopped off at TK Maxx as I always do. Whilst perusing the girls section I came across a t-shirt which I deem inappropriate. It’s just wrong in every sense of the word. Had my child been 16 and not 2, yes I might allow her to wear it, but when she’s 16, she’ll be able to make up her own mind.
To see a topless Kate Moss (covering her boobs) on a t-shirt that is labeled as 2 years is completely wrong. It’s sending a wrong message to toddlers/children. It’s creating a message or image in their minds that this is okay and this is what I need to look like. We won’t look back on Kate’s past as I’m sure she’s learned from it, but I’m in no doubt that she should feature on a toddlers t-shirt in this manner.
Had she been holding a sign, fully clothed saying ‘be nice to everyone’ it might be different. Could you really imagine a 2 year old walking around in this t-shirt?

I’m not judging people who buy it, everyone has their own right to purchase whatever the heck they want. This is just my personal opinion and I think it sets the wrong tone for a child to walk around in something like this so young. How did it even get on to the shop floor when their stock is so floral, pink and flouncy!? I’m all for dressing your child differently, but really?! I’m all for individuality but this would just make the toddler stand out for wrong reasons surely? As I said, I’m not here to judge any parent who might buy this but what image are we creating for unsavoury people out there?!

What would you think if you saw a two year old wearing the above? What would you think if you saw a 7 year old wearing it? How about a 12 year old? It brings to mind so many questions and thoughts. I’ve asked a number of people what they thought-male and female-with and without kids-and every single one said ‘no way is that appropriate for a toddler, let alone a child’.

What are your thoughts? I’ve tweeted, face booked and instagramed my thoughts at TKMaxx, but it would be good to hear yours. I’ve yet to hear anything from TK Maxx, I don’t know if I will, but you would think that fact that a number of people have commented on my post on FB and shared it, they would get back to me. I’m still waiting TK Maxx….

Update: TK Maxx have said ‘they’re looking into it, and will take it seriously’.

We’ve been featured on The Irish Sun:

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Wakey Wakey!

The funny thing about parenting is …that kids love to wake up bright and early at the weekend and you literally have to drag them kicking and screaming mid-week.

‘No more monkey’s jumping on the bed’

Yeap, Paige’s internal alarm clock is set for super early at the weekends, and she likes a good snooze during the week. I think she likes to wake up, snuggle in bed, eat her breakfast there too as it’s way too early to get up, and binge watch Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly. All while ‘entertaining’ us with a beautiful song and jumping on our heads/pillows/stomach or going looking for her crayons.

I did manage to snag a little lie on yesterday though and got an extra hour in bed, no thanks to the little angel though, as she kept rubbing my face and eyes in an attempt to make me get out of bed. Daddy had the lie on last week, my turn this week.

I did kind of regret it however, as that extra hour made me even more groggy and I kept thinking of all the things I could’ve done. Gone are the days when we used to vegetate on the couch and order in pizza whilst binge watching rubbish on the TV. Now we actually like to get out ‘while the weather’s good’ and have a coffee and a play in the park. I don’t actually think I could go back to those days of lazing and not caring about wasting one day of the weekend. Mind you, I don’t think I could stay awake as late as I used to. No more partying until 7am for us!

Paige’s internal clock is pretty amazing though and to watch the changes that she’s going through is pretty interesting. Once upon a time she could party with the best of us, and stay up until 11pm. Back in those days she was having an infinite number of naps though. Paige has decided since she is now 2, she wants to stop napping. Yes, she’s only 2 and has cut the habit. (Except for when she’s in the car or it just get’s the better of her and then it’s like WHAM! Where did that nap come from!). It does mean we lose on an extra hour in the evening with her as she is so sleepy and grouchy that it would be mean keeping her awake past 7, and the same goes for the weekends especially as we are generally a lot more active and out and about and on the go all day. But the whole waking up at 6am on a Saturday and Sunday thing means that mummy and daddy are exhausted. We find that trying to get to bed early at the weekend is key. But sometimes, being adults, we like to binge watch TV shows. Yes, we’ve not given up on the binge watching of TV and I highly doubt we ever will.

I think, my whole reasoning behind this post is that I feel bad not getting up when the hubby does. It’s something that I find hard to explain, but I think it comes from not seeing her so much during the week and the long hours we put in, that I feel guilty and I believe as parents we should share everything. It is something I need to get over, as I don’t even get my hair done on a Saturday as it’s generally family day.

I know from talking with other parents that this is the stage that probably gets worse and the kids start to get up earlier. So I might just have to get used to have one morning of a month. And same goes for the hubby. That’s sharing isn’t it. To be a good parent, you must be rested. Those bags under your eyes and all that coffee will only cloud your judgement and block you from seeing the beauty in everything. Sharing is caring after all and if someone is offering you a lie-on, don’t feel guilty. Grab it with your two hands. Now, if he made me breakfast in bed, he would’ve got a 5 star review, but that was all up to me!

This morning, however, it being a Monday, she was as bright as a button before 6:30am, and I did ask her to wake her daddy up at 7:10am so in usual Paige style, she got her juice bottle, raised it above her head and I grabbed it quickly. She thought it would be hilarious to whack him over the head with it (mind you, so did I but I can’t be encouraging or condoning that behaviour)! Off she went to nursery, happy as larry and tomorrow I guarantee, she’ll still be asleep at 7am. I shall update:)

Enjoy the first few months to all the first time parents, as they really are blissful, and although you may think that you’re not rested, you probably are. I look back on those days and think, crap, I should’ve slept more. It’s when they cut the naps that the real fun begins…


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Buying that house

The funny thing about parenting is…that buying your dream home is never easy.

We finally, after a few months of waiting, got the contracts to our new ‘home’ this week, but alas, as always, an issue has arisen and that issue is the fact that there’s a slight extension on the front of the house and there’s no planning permission for it. So now, ultimately, the decision is with the Bank and if they’ll lend us the money we need. Slight stumbling block that we don’t need. On the upside, the extension is over 10 years old and as such, no permission is needed for it, but the Bank have the final say.

It will all turn out okay. It will be fine. It’s nothing major. That’s what I keep telling myself as I’m sure it will be fine. The surveyor will have a say as well, so once it’s deemed structurally safe, I’m sure we’ll get that money and be paying it off for the next 33 years and forget all about it.

That figure scares me. 33 years. In debt. To the bank. I’ll be over 60. He’ll be over 60. Paige will be 35. Scary, scary, scary. Can I just win the lotto.

Paige is super dee duper excited about moving house though. She keeps telling everyone she has a new room, a new house and new everything. She is also telling everyone she wants to paint her room pink. PINK. Not exactly what I had in mind, but who am I to turn an independent child’s idea on it’s head. I’m sure I’ll be able to compromise with her with such great ease that she won’t have a meltdown in the middle of the DIY shop. Or I could just suck it up and paint it whatever colour I want? I highly doubt I’ll be able to do that to herself. Not when she’s upped and moved so many times in the last year alone.

I’ve got so many ideas in mind for everything. Paige is getting a double bed. She can’t sleep in a cotbed or her amazing sleigh bed that I had such high hopes for. She’s a wiggler. She doesn’t like anything like sides on the bed. She thrashes around from side to side. She sleeps on the pillows. She likes her big bed.

I’ve also got all the animal heads that I brought back over from London, I plan to create some chalkboard picture frames. I want to create a little haven for her. We will also be creating a little play area under the stairs where it’s completely open. We want to buy her a slide for the back garden(not swings-she doesn’t like them at the minute!) and a sandpit.

As you can see, and from the outset, this whole move and purchasing of a home, where we can be our own little family, has always been about Paige.

I’ll be updating as we go on, with pictures of everything. I’m just so excited and had been trying to hold off until we got to this stage. But alas, as we can see, not everything is straightforward but it will all work out. And we will have a house to call home where Paige can run riot and be the ruler. As who am I kidding, she already is.

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The Perfect Body

photo 2
On my due date


The funny thing about being a parent is… that for women, our bodies may never be the same after giving birth – again – ever!

The other night I watched ‘The Portland Hospital’ and was so disappointed with the young, 24 year old Fashion Designer and how she said how men may go looking for another woman if their wives bodies didn’t return back to normal -no stretchmarks, fat belly (not her exact words but this is the gist of it) and she was clearly afraid that this might happen to her. For me, the first thing that sprang to mind was ‘Seriously, your husband loves you for who you are, not your body’ especially not after bringing a child into the world. I was disappointed that that is what she believed. I was disappointed that, that actual thought was in her head and she was mulling it over and put it out there for everyone to hear. No woman should think like that! We are all beautiful. End of. If he doesn’t like you for a stretch mark, then so long and you shouldn’t cry over it!

For any mother that’s carried a baby, we all know that the child inside, the little life that is relying on you to survive, has done turns, somersaults, swung out of your ribs, kicked you in the lungs and stomach. That little life made your tummy grow into a protective little (or big in my case) shell. One which you put your hand on daily. One which people looked at so lovingly. One where you could actually see them moving on a daily basis. That original flutter of feeling those first teeny kicks. I could always feel these flutters when she heard the tube pulling into the station as the noise disturbed her! Or when you were sitting at the desk and had to move back as the baby was being slightly squished. Feeling the baby squirm and move around is amazing, but it’s also doing something to your body!

As a mother, your boobs grew and grew and grew. Gone were the nice bras and knickers. Gone were the underwired bras as they hurt too much. In with the maternity bras that were there just as a teeny tiny support, as let’s face it, they were still uncomfortable as hell and our boobs just rested on the bump! I already have naturally big boobs, and so being pregnant, made them grow and grow and grow! I did try and find nice underwear, but come on-sometimes you just want comfort! And that’s allowed. It’s not easy carrying all that extra weight around is it? But, when you’re pregnant, you can wear those skin tight dresses and show off that bump without feeling like you’ve slightly over indulged in some dinner and have a food baby, as you’ve got a real baby in there! A real living baby who you are proud to show off!

There’s been so much in the media focusing on what’s right for a woman’s body to look like after birth, but it really is completely down to the woman herself. Some women bounce back to their pre-pregnancy body pretty sharpish, some don’t, and no one has any right to judge.

If you’ve had a C-Section, you really can’t do much until the scar heals completely. If you’ve had a natural birth, you’re going to be sore. If you had an episiotomy, you’ll be sore down there for a few weeks/months. Stretchmarks take time to fade. The belly takes time to get back to its normal size. Your boobs may never be the same again. But each person is different. In London, I didn’t have the time to get to the gym, the hubby worked long hours and would sometimes leave the house at 6am and not arrive home until 9pm and all the while, I had a baby who fed all the time and was on the go constantly. Then I went back to work-I probably could have gone to the gym on my lunchbreak, but most days I’d have stuff to do and would generally work through lunch or just get out for a walk.

I think, we as society need to change our children’s perception on what is beautiful. I’ve always had stetchmarks. I’ve had them on my legs, butt, hips and boobs. It’s completely down to our skin not being elastic enough and growth spurts. I used to be able to wear those skintight dresses with ease, even after a huge meal (and I still had stretchmarks underneath that no-one saw). I rubbed my bump all the time with oils, skin creams and still got stretchmarks. They are fading, but now I just dress appropriately for how I feel on the day. I have days where I dread trying on clothes as some shops are shrinking the size of their clothes, so in some shops I’ll be 14, in others a 16-18 and if I’m lucky, a 12 in some! I’ve still not bounced back to my pre-baby body. I’m not sure I ever will.

Once you practice a healthy lifestyle, and bring your kids up the right way, who are others to judge you. The media has no right to influence what the perfect woman should look like, they have no right whatsoever judge women on what they look like during pregnancy or after. All that matters is that they’re healthy. Creating this idealistic view will only serve us to influence our offspring negatively.

Whether you’re in the media spotlight or not, it shouldn’t matter because we don’t know the story behind every single pregnancy do we? These women are bringing the future of the world to life, and to do that, their bodies are under immense strain. The childbirth alone puts some amount of pressure on the body. When pregnant, everything inside you shifts. And with this, comes a shift to how your body was before. For me, I have a constant ache in my lower back. It’s one of the side affects of the epidural. I didn’t actually plan on having the epidural but after 20 hours in labour, I needed to be induced in a way as I was not progressing in labour. But it was a rick I had to take as they were planning an emergency C-Section. So my body has never been the same. My boobs have gone up a couple of sizes (and everytime I get them measured, people tell me I had it well?!).

My husband still loves me for me. Stretchmarks, pot-belly and big boobs all included. I believe that when you love someone enough and see them go through that much pain(no matter what type of birth) and trauma to bring a life into the world, they’ll love you forever for being that brave and beautiful.

No one has the right to judge anyone’s body shape or size. But unfortunately we live in a world where people think they do.If anyone takes anything from this post, it’s to think twice before saying anything to people about their weight at all, as you just don’t know what demons they may be battling on the inside. We are all human. We all have feelings. To create a positive body image for you and your family, you need to feel confident and if you feel you need to shed a few pounds, do it the right way, by eating healthily and getting regular exercise -even a quick walk. I get off the train a stop early which means I walk an extra 15 minutes, not much but it’s a start!

Enjoy your kids and don’t let other people’s perception of beauty cloud your judgement.

photo 1
9 Days before my due date
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‘Stop licking that’

The funny thing about parenting is that you….find yourself saying the weirdest things, or things that an adult shouldn’t say.

On a daily basis, I find myself saying ‘Stop licking the dog’ or ‘Stop kissing the floor’. I tend to have to tell her to stop licking the door/wardrobe a little too much as she finds it hilarious! Paige has a penchant for trying to eat money, so she pops it in her mouth and doubles over laughing. We don’t laugh, we’re usually trying to fish out the 50c coin without being bitten and with a bite that’s better than Jaws, it’s a task! I’m pretty sure I’ve said ‘Don’t eat that, that’s poo’ and ‘Don’t eat that chip’ that she found on the floor of some restaurant.

We are currently going through the ‘TERRIBLE TWO’S’ which are in fact real. Everything is ‘mine, mine, mine’ and I find myself saying ‘No Paige, those are not your knickers’ or ‘Paige, that’s everyone’s lamp’. The big one for us is the bed…as parents we have lost the bed to our two year old. She’s staked her claim to it. But we are allowed our own pillows. I find myself reasoning with a two year old. The phrase ‘Pick your battles’ has come out of my mouth way too much lately in reference to Paige and when we tell her she can’t have that in the shop?! There are days when she will happily trot around, and not have a strop, but some days, the strops are bad. She’ll hit and kick. I got a kick to the face on Sunday.

For me, the hardest thing is working full time and finding the time to understand the reasoning behind some of the tantrums as we are constantly being told that she is an angel at nursery and so quiet. Most people have not experienced the full blown melt down when she can’ have that banana (when she’s had one already) or when she doesn’t understand why we can’t buy something in every shop. I know part of it is that she can’t verbalise everything she is trying to say, and the other part is her testing boundaries. There are times, when as a working parent you feel so guilty about not being able to spend more than an hour and a half with your child before they go sleep (as we have a new routine where she has cut out all naps and will be asleep by 7/7:30) and as such you don’t get to spend that quality time picking up on certain words. So I do find myself just giving in, and letting her have the odd small toy/outfit.She gives the cutest doe eyes when she wants something that are hard to resist! ¬†There are so many factors (for us-I think it’s the nap thing) that make toddlers behave in different ways and in the end, they are always loving and will cuddle in to you.

I think I’ll keep this as an open thread to take note of all the weird things I find myself, or the hubby saying to Paige as parents of a toddler who is extremely determined and independent. Keep going parents! Everyone is doing amazing job! We’ve all had to say weird things and deal with the tantrums, if someone says they haven’t, I’d take it with a ‘BIG’ pinch of salt!

What are the weird things you find yourself saying to your toddler/child?

18/04/2016 -Update

Over the weekend, I found myself telling Paige to stop eating her shoes way too many times than I care to remember! She also had a great munch on the pads that come with stamps -the spongey thing and so ended up with a rather pink face. We also had a lot of the usual-take that crayon out of your mouth and her constantly trying to eat coins and stones. Right now, it’s just an epic battle on the merry-go-round of don’t eat that, or lick it, or even touch it!