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Our kids are smarter than us

The funny thing about parenting is…that our kids are actually way smarter than us.

On Sunday, I asked Paige “What’s this?” and her reply, “A letter mummy.” I go on to ask her “What letter?”, and her reply once again “That letter mummy” and queue her falling around in hysterics.

Yeap, I was outsmarted by a two year old as she was by no means incorrect. It’s not the first time she’s done something like this, and boy did I feel a fool. I even turned to her and said “fair play, you are absolutely right” and what I can take from it is that I need to be clearer in my instructions.

It still makes me smile thinking back and seeing her little face light up as she knew exactly what she had said. She knew the letter was a ‘p’ but damned if she was going to tell me again.

So in essence, our kids will always be one step ahead of us, but it’s a good thing, we just got to keep up with them, and hopefully, by the time they’re teenagers, we will have copped on to their smarts and be able to outwit them-it’s cute for now, but not at 13!

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Pix the Fairy

The funny thing about parenting is…that seeing is not always believing.

I have been waiting until we moved house to move Paige’s fairy in. And although we moved in on Sunday, we had to make sure that Pix’s home was ready for her. We had to make the space special and Paige loved helping me decorate.

Pix made an appearance on Monday night, whilst Paige was fast asleep. She left little glitter footprints all over her room and on her pillow! Paige was so excited. As adults, we sometimes forget that our imaginations are amazing. We don’t need to see everything to believe it and childhood is proof of that. Paige loves the idea of having her fairy share her bedroom with her. She gets so excited to think that this little fairy has been checking in on her when she’s asleep and looking after her. The Fairy Door has made our move that bit easier and allowed Paige to be involved in decorating her room. She has giggled, and looked on in awe with tired eyes as she saw all the glitter. It’s amazing and such a simple idea! Even though Paige is only 2, this little job that we’ve undertaken together has gotten her so excited and she really does understand it.

As parents, it’s our job to encourage our children to let their imaginations run wild and we should enable them to do so.

Pix the fairy will be getting up to plenty of mischief to help us settle in to the new home, so be sure to keep checking in 🙂

Let their imaginations run wild!

To get your own fairy door, check out:


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Home Owners

The funny thing about parenting is….that moving house sucks the life out of you and makes you stress out!

We have finally moved in to our new home. All that was needed was a lick of paint in a few rooms and voila, we were ready to move in.

We scrubbed and scrubbed. Moved in all our furniture. Bought new furniture and appliances.

We still haven’t unpacked everything. We still haven’t managed to find everything. But we are getting there.

The most rewarding thing about this whole move was seeing Paige’s face light up when we were driving to the house on Sunday to officially move in, and she exclaimed ‘We’re going to the new house, YAY YAY YAY!’.

It was really amazing. I will never forget that. EVER.

She is really in here element. She loves all her ‘new’ toys, which had been in storage for 1 whole year. It’s now more difficult to get Paige to bed and out of the house in the morning as she loves it so much and wants to continue exploring and playing with everything.

But we did it. We bought our very own house.