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Toddler Party-Animal Style

imageThe funny thing about parenting is…that sometimes as a fully fledged adult who is looking after that little toddler, you’ll forget to give out the party invites and time of said party.

Hands up who else has done this?! Can’t just be us surely? To be honest, it potentially turned out to be a good thing, as Paige really just prefers hanging around with a small number of toddlers/babies at a time. She likes to take stock of those around her and takes her time. My little mistake of forgetting the invites for the kids at nursery did mean she had a load of food and chocolate to eat-as you’ll see from the pictures.

I must admit, I can’t believe I created a pretty table like this. And it was super easy and quite cheap.

I picked the plates,bowls and napkins up in the euro store. And the table cloth and cups where from mr.price. So nice and cheap and did the job perfect. The other decorations were from Tiger, including the grass which suited the theme perfectly and meant easy grabbing for kids!

I made chocolate covered grapes, chocolate rice krispie buns, jelly (with fish decorations) and a lions head out of carrots and hummus. I also bought animal themed marshmallows and dipped one side in chocolate, and they were a hit with adults and children. Paige certainly liked munching on the last few in the bowl and ran away with said bowl.

We picked the cake up from Super Valu on the morning of the party as it’s what Paige picked out! She was super happy and it was super dee duper tasty and only cost €8! They even wrote her name on it and her age.

Dotted around the house, I had a load of balloons filled using a helium tank we purchased. Such a hit with every child. The goodie boxes made up of loads of little bits and pieces were such a since little treat, and Paige is still munching through the leftovers. We bought the boxes-animal themed obviously- on eBay and filled them using animal tattoos and stickers, with Kinder chocolates, Easter themed chocos and bubbles!

Seeing as this was the first party I’ve put together myself, I can’t wait for the next one. (I think I did an okay job!)

Moral of the story though, don’t forget to send out the invites 😁 and always shop around. You don’t need a big, fancy decorated cake. All they want to do is blow out the candles.

If you’d like more info on anything I created/used just leave a note in the comments and I’ll respond. As she gets older, I plan on expanding on the theme a bit more and potentially stock piling decorations to save money in the long run.

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Sometimes Being An Adult Takes Over

As parents, you want to enjoy every single moment that your child presents you with. Sometimes, we get enveloped in the adult things, that you take the smallest little milestone for granted.

Paige can now count to 10, and higher if needs be. But she so confidently counts out 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. She so confidently says the A,B,C. She so confidently has started to identify colours. She so confidently chatters away, and has a full blown conversation with anyone who is so willing to listen. And to be fair, most people are. She’s not yet 2.

I think I take these things for granted. I think that as a parent, I have gotten so caught in finding us somewhere to live, somewhere we can call home, somewhere where Paige can have her own space, somewhere where we can take out all of her toys without hesitation as it’s our space. Our Family Home.

Hopefully, fingers and toes and everything else crossed, we have found our Family Home.

The next chapter in our little lives is about to change. I am fully aware that the upheaval, once again, will have to be done gradually. In the last 7 months, Paige has had some drastic changes to her life. Moving from London to Dublin was a shock for all of us again. I’m not going to lie. We as a family unit were used to our own space, just like my parents were. So we thank them for allowing us to move in and save for a house, something which we could never have done in London.

We are fully aware that Paige has decided she doesn’t want to sleep in her cot-bed. She rather sleeps in our bed – she even had a meltdown last night when I said it was Mammy and Daddy’s bed. So when we move, I think we’ll be turning her cot-bed into her big bed.  We know she will love your new room, and all of this upheaval will be worth it.

These little things, counting and speaking, are forming my little lady. The person who will grow to become someone amazing in everything she does, no matter what she chooses to do. I love to see her counting to 10. I love to see her feeding her dollies and changing their nappies. I love showing her pictures of what will hopefully be our new Family Home.

And once we get settled, those moments can become the centre of my world again – but I think, just for a few months, I can forgive myself for acknowledging that these things are happening, but I’m not walking around with trumpets. That my dear, we can do in our new Family Home. So I suppose, this little post is my noting that yes my little darling, you are truly amazing in our eyes, even if at times, we don’t always have the time to say it.

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The Funny Thing About Parenting Is…

It may be a New Year, but the toddlers don’t realise that.

So on that note, Happy New Year everyone.

It’s been awhile since I last posted as in the run-up to the Christmas period, we had a sick toddler (bronchitis) and a million and twenty things to do-what between working full time, caring for the toddler, finishing the shopping, house viewings and seeing friends.

Since my last post, a lot has actually happened. Paige has come on in leaps and bounds, she can string whole sentences together with ease and you can have a pretty functional chat with her. She now tells us off. She is very strong willed and has turned into a teeny bit of a girly-girl who loves, LOVES, loves her dolls.

We are also house hunting at the minute which means plenty of evenings spent looking at houses that need a lot of work and time spent on them. Probably too much time if we’re completely honest.

I have been spending a lot more time on my twitter and Instagram accounts and updating them on a daily basis, with my -Instaxaday- shots for Paige which I plan to create a feature wall in our soon to be purchased house. I can dream! It’s actually a great idea as I’m forever taking pictures but never printing them. Now I’ll have a picture for every single day of 2016. I’ll just pat myself on the back for that one!

Paige is really getting into her ‘I’m gonna try your patience’ phase at the minute with the terrible two’s having been in full swing for some time! She even bit her dad the other night (to be fair he wasn’t paying her the attention she was commanding and had promised to put Peppa Pig on, and hadn’t!) but I believe she’s just testing us. As we’re still living with the grandparents, boundaries and rules get very skewed as all she has to do is walk into nana and grandad and say ‘Mama won’t give me chocolate’ and boom, she’ll have all the chocolate she desires – before dinner, or just before bedtime. So yeah, buying a house is kinda our top priority now.

To catch you all up, here’s run down of the #project365 pictures – if you want to join us, use the #instaxtoddler – but check out my instagram for more: @toddling_along.

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The Funny Thing About Parenting is….

That everyone has their own style of parenting.

Everyone of us does our own thing with our children.

Some of us have routines, others don’t.

Some breastfeed, others don’t.

Some parents allow their children chocolate, others don’t.

Some parents get sleep, others don’t.

We all do things differently, and a lot of the time, we do them the exact same way. We are all working towards one common goal of raising our children to be the best possible versions of themselves. We are here to guide them.

Now I’ll get on with sharing some of our daily life with you all, including talking about a child who put herself on the naughty step (even though we don’t use a naughty step!).