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4 whole days off

The funny thing about parenting is…that we don’t get away as much as we like.

I’ve had two nights away from the munchkin in over a year. I’m prettying exhausted…and what with the whole buying a house and the fact that we were actually meant  to exchange tomorrow we decided to book a short break away.

It is short-only 2 nights away in a hotel and a further night with the in-laws. But it’s still 4 whole days that neither of us have to work. 

We are heading off to Sligo to stay at The Glasshouse Hotel, and we’ve booked the deluxe suite. I cannot wait. I cannot wait to pop down to breakfast without rushing. I cannot wait to just chill with Paige and the hubby. 

I am also excited to eat at Eala Bhan tomorrow night. I’m excited to sample some of the local dishes and bring Paige out for a treat!

We also plan on potentially trying one of the fish restaurants in Mullaghmore. 

We also plan on doing the lough key forest park as well as popping along to Strandhill and popping in to see family!

I’ll do a little blog post after, but we’ll be popping off from tomorrow to relax and recuperate before we move house!!!


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