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Peppa and George are never far away

The funny thing about parenting is…that Peppa and George really are never far away.


Paige got two new dolls from her grandparents when they came home from holidays. They are two little cute things. But Paige has been walking around calling hem her ‘brother’ and ‘sister’. It really is great that we’ve got her off the idea of only wanting a ‘sister’. Just to clarify, I am not pregnant, Paige just really wants a ‘sister’!

I want to encourage her to start naming her dolls, as to be honest, I’m fed up calling every single one ‘baba’ and the frustration that causes when trying to ascertain which fricking ‘baba’.

Whilst chatting away on the bed last night, I suggested we name them. I rattled off a few names until I got to ‘George’. In my mind, this was a perfectly logical and sensible name that she can pronounce. She agreed. Hallelujah! Still nothing was twigging in my brain.

Since we so easily found a name for ‘George’ the boy doll, thought we’d tried our look at naming her ‘sister’. We thought Annabelle would be nice, or Belle. Daddy and I were really pushing Belle. Paige pops up with ‘Peppa’.

Still nothing twigs in me. I say ‘oh what a pretty name, where’d you think of that?’. Still nothing.

I’ll just go hang my head in shame now shall I?

So now we’re stuck with two dolls named ‘Peppa’ and ‘George’ and two goldfish named ‘Ben’ and ‘Holly’. I really only have myself to blame for my momentary lapse in parenting and forgetting all about the little characters who rescue us so many times.

How could I actually forget ‘Peppa’ and ‘George’?!


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