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Buying that house

The funny thing about parenting is…that buying your dream home is never easy.

We finally, after a few months of waiting, got the contracts to our new ‘home’ this week, but alas, as always, an issue has arisen and that issue is the fact that there’s a slight extension on the front of the house and there’s no planning permission for it. So now, ultimately, the decision is with the Bank and if they’ll lend us the money we need. Slight stumbling block that we don’t need. On the upside, the extension is over 10 years old and as such, no permission is needed for it, but the Bank have the final say.

It will all turn out okay. It will be fine. It’s nothing major. That’s what I keep telling myself as I’m sure it will be fine. The surveyor will have a say as well, so once it’s deemed structurally safe, I’m sure we’ll get that money and be paying it off for the next 33 years and forget all about it.

That figure scares me. 33 years. In debt. To the bank. I’ll be over 60. He’ll be over 60. Paige will be 35. Scary, scary, scary. Can I just win the lotto.

Paige is super dee duper excited about moving house though. She keeps telling everyone she has a new room, a new house and new everything. She is also telling everyone she wants to paint her room pink. PINK. Not exactly what I had in mind, but who am I to turn an independent child’s idea on it’s head. I’m sure I’ll be able to compromise with her with such great ease that she won’t have a meltdown in the middle of the DIY shop. Or I could just suck it up and paint it whatever colour I want? I highly doubt I’ll be able to do that to herself. Not when she’s upped and moved so many times in the last year alone.

I’ve got so many ideas in mind for everything. Paige is getting a double bed. She can’t sleep in a cotbed or her amazing sleigh bed that I had such high hopes for. She’s a wiggler. She doesn’t like anything like sides on the bed. She thrashes around from side to side. She sleeps on the pillows. She likes her big bed.

I’ve also got all the animal heads that I brought back over from London, I plan to create some chalkboard picture frames. I want to create a little haven for her. We will also be creating a little play area under the stairs where it’s completely open. We want to buy her a slide for the back garden(not swings-she doesn’t like them at the minute!) and a sandpit.

As you can see, and from the outset, this whole move and purchasing of a home, where we can be our own little family, has always been about Paige.

I’ll be updating as we go on, with pictures of everything. I’m just so excited and had been trying to hold off until we got to this stage. But alas, as we can see, not everything is straightforward but it will all work out. And we will have a house to call home where Paige can run riot and be the ruler. As who am I kidding, she already is.


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