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‘Stop licking that’

The funny thing about parenting is that you….find yourself saying the weirdest things, or things that an adult shouldn’t say.

On a daily basis, I find myself saying ‘Stop licking the dog’ or ‘Stop kissing the floor’. I tend to have to tell her to stop licking the door/wardrobe a little too much as she finds it hilarious! Paige has a penchant for trying to eat money, so she pops it in her mouth and doubles over laughing. We don’t laugh, we’re usually trying to fish out the 50c coin without being bitten and with a bite that’s better than Jaws, it’s a task! I’m pretty sure I’ve said ‘Don’t eat that, that’s poo’ and ‘Don’t eat that chip’ that she found on the floor of some restaurant.

We are currently going through the ‘TERRIBLE TWO’S’ which are in fact real. Everything is ‘mine, mine, mine’ and I find myself saying ‘No Paige, those are not your knickers’ or ‘Paige, that’s everyone’s lamp’. The big one for us is the bed…as parents we have lost the bed to our two year old. She’s staked her claim to it. But we are allowed our own pillows. I find myself reasoning with a two year old. The phrase ‘Pick your battles’ has come out of my mouth way too much lately in reference to Paige and when we tell her she can’t have that in the shop?! There are days when she will happily trot around, and not have a strop, but some days, the strops are bad. She’ll hit and kick. I got a kick to the face on Sunday.

For me, the hardest thing is working full time and finding the time to understand the reasoning behind some of the tantrums as we are constantly being told that she is an angel at nursery and so quiet. Most people have not experienced the full blown melt down when she can’ have that banana (when she’s had one already) or when she doesn’t understand why we can’t buy something in every shop. I know part of it is that she can’t verbalise everything she is trying to say, and the other part is her testing boundaries. There are times, when as a working parent you feel so guilty about not being able to spend more than an hour and a half with your child before they go sleep (as we have a new routine where she has cut out all naps and will be asleep by 7/7:30) and as such you don’t get to spend that quality time picking up on certain words. So I do find myself just giving in, and letting her have the odd small toy/outfit.She gives the cutest doe eyes when she wants something that are hard to resist!  There are so many factors (for us-I think it’s the nap thing) that make toddlers behave in different ways and in the end, they are always loving and will cuddle in to you.

I think I’ll keep this as an open thread to take note of all the weird things I find myself, or the hubby saying to Paige as parents of a toddler who is extremely determined and independent. Keep going parents! Everyone is doing amazing job! We’ve all had to say weird things and deal with the tantrums, if someone says they haven’t, I’d take it with a ‘BIG’ pinch of salt!

What are the weird things you find yourself saying to your toddler/child?

18/04/2016 -Update

Over the weekend, I found myself telling Paige to stop eating her shoes way too many times than I care to remember! She also had a great munch on the pads that come with stamps -the spongey thing and so ended up with a rather pink face. We also had a lot of the usual-take that crayon out of your mouth and her constantly trying to eat coins and stones. Right now, it’s just an epic battle on the merry-go-round of don’t eat that, or lick it, or even touch it!



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